Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

If you are experiencing certain conditions, they may be strong indicators of diabetes. With type 2 diabetes, your body can still deliver its own particular insulin even though it may not create enough or the cells may not recognize it.

You may need the help of insulin infusions or medications to keep your body performing its normal functions. In general, losing weight, controlling your diet and exercising will also help.

Some common diabetes symptoms of type 2 are:

1. Increased thirst and continuous urination. The sugar in the bloodstream causes the fluids to withdraw from the tissues inside your body. This can make your thirst level rise and, obviously, if you are drinking more, you will urinate more.

2. Tiredness. Since the body can not use the energy that is required with sugar, you may feel tired.

3. Weight reduction. Little by little, the body can not use sugar for energy. In this way, you will begin to use elective methods for energy, for example, a fat that has been saved for later use.

4. Craving. The body cannot move the insulin to the cells and can not use the energy it is spending. In this way, your cells may begin to feel denied, which can cause certain cravings.

5. Obscured vision. With high blood sugar levels, liquids may begin to move away from the focal point of the eyes, which can cause dark vision.

6. Slow healing. This is normal for the diabetic patient. If you have cuts or wounds that are slow in healing, this may be a sign of diabetes.

7. Regions of darkened skin

8. Frequent infections

A part of these diabetes symptoms corresponds to the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. However, some are more consistent with type 2 diabetes than with type 1 diabetes. For example, darkened skin territories are more related to type 2 diabetes, since it is usually an indication of insulin blockage.

It is very important that you seek medical advice, when you have seen a sign or symptom of diabetes. The doctor will send you to have a simple blood test that can help diagnose your condition.

Diabetes Education and Management Program

At NewSpring Pharmacy, we offer personalized care and convenient prescription options such as delivery to help manage your diabetes. In cases where these products may not be covered by insurance, we offer competitive cash pricing to help with diabetes.

We also put you first, with our new diabetes education and management program. YouFirst is an individualized diabetes health plan that incorporates intensive coaching and monitoring the patient step by step to meet their health goals.

The team at NewSpring Pharmacy will be the patient support group throughout the entire process. The pharmacist led program will include diabetes education courses, medication adherence, coupled with emphasis on nutrition and exercise.

The ultimate goal of this program is to empower patients to make healthier life decisions. We will be providing them tools and guidance to help make changes in their lifestyle that will be impactful and long lasting.

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