Progesterone: It’s role in pregnancy

NewSpring Pharmacy compounding progesterone The reference to ‘raging hormones,’ meaning rapidly changing emotions, is quite common in pregnancy. Progesterone is essential, both for getting and for staying pregnant, so it’s natural that it increases during ovulation, and throughout pregnancy. The flood of hormones can also play havoc with emotions, as we know.

Progesterone prepares the womb for your baby. It causes the lining of the uterus to thicken after ovulation in preparation for a fertilized egg. When pregnancy does occur, progesterone helps sustain a healthy pregnancy.

But some women don’t have enough progesterone. If you are pregnant and your progesterone levels are low, your healthcare provider may prescribe progesterone to promote fertility and prevent miscarriages.

NewSpring Pharmacy compounds progesterone suppositories, which some women have prescribed during the first, and sometime second, trimester. We also compound progesterone in capsules, creams, ODT (Oral Disintegrating Tablets), sublingual drops, and troche. The form you need depends on your prescription, its purpose, and other individual factor.

Come into the pharmacy or call us about your progesterone prescription compounding needs.