Scar Therapy

We use PCCA PracaSil-Plus as a compounding base for scars and other skin conditions. It can be used with various actives for use on all types of scar tissue, or any skin conditions that would benefit from barrier protection. PCCA PracaSil-Plus may be used after surgery or an injury, with the hope of reducing inflammation and the buildup of scar tissue. It also may be used on stretch marks, from sudden weight gain, weight loss, or pregnancy. It can also be compounded with pain relief ingredients to help with different types of pain/injury caused by scar tissue that has formed over a period of time.

PCCA PracaSil-Plus may be used on:
Old Scars
New Scars
Surgical Scars
Stretch Marks
Acne Scars
Any Skin Condition Needing Barrier Protection