We will work with you to customize medications that meet the specific needs of your patients.
We understand the special challenges that pediatricians face in prescribing medication for children in an environment where drugs are not developed or labeled with children in mind. Medications that are not approved for use by infants and children are mostly not available in a form suitable for children to use. This is a particular challenge since your young patients are most likely to resist taking medication with a taste or texture that is unpalatable or that is difficult for them to swallow, and their fear of injections makes this an uncomfortable alternative for them.


A solution to unpalatable medication:
Flavored suspensions, solutions and concentrates

Resistance to taking medication:
Colorful Freezerpops, “Gummy bears” and Lozenges

Easy administration:
Lollipops in place of medications that need to be retained in the mouth
Transdermal gels for application and absorption through the skin

ConditionRemedy examplesNutraceuticalsReferences/Studies
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Diaper rashCholestyramine Ointment

Zinc Oxide + Benzoin Compound topical paste

Nystatin + Karaya gum Topical ointment

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AcneNiacinamide + Lipoic Acid Topical Lotion

Niacinamide + Lipoic Acid + Biotin Topical Acne gel

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LiceAromatic Head lice Formula

Ivermectin Topical lotion

Lice Remedy Essential oils

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Efficacy and Safety of Dimeticone in the Treatment of Lice Infestation through Prophylaxis of Classmates

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Treatment of 18 children with scabies or cutaneous larva migrans using ivermectin

AutismGlutathione + Emu oil Topical Anhydrous

DMSA + Emu oil Topical

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