PETS IN THE SUN Are they safe?

Chinese Crested Dogs, 10 and 18 months old, sitting against white backgroundDoes your pet love the sunshine. Is their favorite summer pastime catching some zzzs on the sunny front porch or under the shade of a tree to the envy of all the family who must work or do their chores? They may love the sunshine, but pets too are vulnerable to sunburn, as well as to skin cancer.

Which pets are most at risk?
Prolonged sun exposure is risky for any pet, but hairless pets, those with short or sparse hair, and those with white fur are most at risk.

What to look out for
Areas that are not covered with fur and areas with thin or light skin are easily sunburned. Look out for skin that has turned pink or red. Pay attention to ears, nose, eyelids, and belly. See your pet’s doctor if you notice sunburn, a sore that doesn’t heal, or any kind of growth.

Prevention is better than cure
Provide a shade on the patio or in the yard where they like to sunbathe; perhaps a large umbrella. Protective clothing helps as well in the summer, including Doggles (sunglasses for dogs), cooling vests, and t-shirts.