A Very Diabetes-friendly Thanksgiving to You!

NewSpring Pharmacy diabetes Thanksgiving

What is Thanksgiving without the stuffed turkey, the cranberry sauce, and the pie! If you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes and you’re wondering whether to cancel Thanksgiving dinner altogether, you need not worry. You and your family can enjoy a delicious meal without having to suffer a blood sugar spike. You can tweak a few things, create some new traditions, and have lots of fun with it. Here are some tips.

Breakfast matters
What’s the most important meal of the day? Yes, it’s breakfast, even on Thanksgiving. Some people will skip breakfast to ‘make room’ for a hearty Thanksgiving dinner. A better strategy for managing diabetes is to spread your eating through the day. Have a light breakfast, then snack on veggies and delicious healthy dips between breakfast and your main meal. If you’re not starving, you’ll have more control when it’s time for the main meal.

Carb choices
A traditional Thanksgiving dinner is high in carbs, but you can make a few creative changes. Here are some tips:
Make your own stuffing without bread crumbs. Can this be done? Yes, there are many delicious recipes for stuffing with ingredients such as brown or wild rice, quinoa, sausage, mushroom, or cauliflower.

Get creative with your pie. How about a crust-less pumpkin pudding topped with a bit of whipped cream or dark chocolate?
Replace one traditional carb dish with a veggie dish – just be sure it’s a delicious one. Think colorful. How about a beautiful dish of roasted veggies: cauliflower, colorful bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, eggplant…the possibilities are endless.

Old traditions, new traditions
What traditions make Thanksgiving special in your family? What are your family’s must-have foods? Is it the turkey, the mashed potatoes, the cranberry sauce? You can make changes that keep your important traditions going with a few tweaks so that those who are insulin-challenged can also enjoy them. For instance, for you mashed potatoes, instead of milk and butter, mash with chicken or vegetable stock and olive or avocado oil. By using healthier ingredients and keeping your portions of high-calorie foods small, you can enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be just about the food. It’s only one meal in a 24 hour day! How about creating some new Thanksgiving family traditions, such as a 5K walk or bike ride, a volleyball game, or simply putting on some irresistible music and inviting everyone to dance.

Thanks but no thanks
Someone trying to pile your plate for you? “It’s only one day,” they say with a determined smile and a heaped serving spoon hovering over your plate. Decide ahead of the day that there are some things you just won’t have, no matter what; like soda, sugary drinks, fruit juice, pies baked with white flour, and deep fried foods. Take charge of the dinner conversation (recruit an understanding family member if need be) so that the focus is not so much on the food as on lively conversation. Think of a couple of intriguing topics ahead of time. Someone might be so taken in with the conversation they may just forget about heaping your plate with food.

Beet Dip Recipe
NewSpring Pharmacy healthy Thanksgiving1 cup beetroot, cubed and steamed

Plain non-fat Greek yogurt

Crushed garlic, to taste

1 tbs Olive oil. Salt and spice to taste
Blend all ingredients in blender or food processor and enjoy!