Compounding for Kids

NewSpring Pharmacy compounding for kidsKids and meds:  “You Can’t Make Me!”

No one can make kids swallow their meds; just ask any parent. No amount of begging, cajoling, threatening or bribing works. Fortunately, there’s a better way; one that takes into account the fact that kids are unique individuals, and not just little adults.
Compounding medication, which involves customizing it to fit their unique needs, makes it much easier, and safer, for kids to take their meds.

Flavor and color: A particularly bitter medication can be compounded with a flavor and color that’s more palatable to a child. If it looks and tastes better, taking the medication is less likely to be a traumatic affair and helps kids complete their course of medication.

Hard to swallow? Younger children are often unable to swallow tablets. As they get older they may be able to swallow smaller tablets but struggle with bigger ones. Kids can have their prescriptions customized into more appropriate forms such as smaller tablets, suspensions, lollipops, gummies, or creams and gels to be applied on the skin. The most appropriate form will depend on the medication and its purpose. For instance a cream or gel might be most suitable for pain relief on the site of an injury. A lollipop might be most suitable for a throat infection.

Special dietary requirements: Some children have sensitivities or allergies to ingredients in prescription medications such as gluten, casein, soy, or dye. In consultation with the child’s healthcare provider, prescriptions can be compounded to exclude or replace the ingredients that cause a negative reaction.