COMPOUNDING: Because no one in the world is quite like you!

NewSpring Pharmacy CompoundingWelcome to the world of compounding; a world where your prescription medication can be customized to meet some of your unique needs. Look around you. No one looks exactly like you. Well…maybe your identical twin. But even then, there are distinctive differences—different fingerprints, different size, different likes and dislikes, even different genetic profiles. No one in the world is quite like you!

Compounding, then, is the process of customizing your meds to meet your unique needs.

Compounding caters to unique needs
When your doctor gives you a prescription, it’s meant just for you; not to be shared with friends or family members who have similar symptoms. That’s because your doctor has taken into consideration unique facts about you; other meds you may be taking, how the medication may have affected you in the past, your general health, and even your size and age. But what if there isn’t a medication available that suits your unique needs? Compounding enables you to get the dose adjusted, in consultation with your healthcare provider, so you’re not “stuck” with a commercially available dose that is not suitable for you.

Compounding makes taking meds easier
You want to take your prescription, but sometimes it’s really hard. Maybe it’s a pain medication that hurts your stomach, or it’s just a really bitter pill for a child to swallow. Meds can often be compounded into a different form that makes them easier to take. They could be made into creams or gels, for instance, or into suppositories for older patients. Taste and smell can be improved to make meds easier to take.

Compounding can make taking meds safer
A particular prescription medication may not be safe for you because of your reaction to a particular ingredient. What then? Compounding can replace the ingredient with one that is safe for you to take. For instance, if you are allergic or sensitive to certain fillers in the available capsules, they can be replaced with rice powder or probiotics so you can get the benefit of your prescription meds without the allergic reaction.

Compounding can benefit your pets
Pets are just as unique as we are, and even more diverse. Pets can benefit from compounding to suit their unique needs in all the same ways that people can. Besides, human-grade meds can be used for compounding for pets, so they get the very best meds for their health.
If you have any questions about compounding, please give us a call on 623-932-9800 or come into the pharmacy. We’ll be happy to answer your questions. Meanwhile, we wish you health and wellness.