Avondale, Arizona, June 30, 2014

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NewSpring Pharmacy partners with Wellness Works to provide high quality natural supplements.

Doctor writing out RX prescription

NewSpring, a full service pharmacy in Avondale Arizona that specializes in compounding has partnered with Wellness Works to provide pharmaceutical grade natural supplements to Avondale residents, as well as to mail-order customers through their online store.

“We recognize nutrition as an integral component of wellness,” said CEO and Lead Pharmacist Dr. Lucas Nyabero,PharmD, who opened the doors to NewSpring Pharmacy last September with the goal of providing customized wellness solutions to customers in the Avondale area, based on their specific needs.

The new line of supplements provides a selection of more than 185 nutraceuticals designed by pharmacists, with ongoing additions to the line. In addition to essential vitamins and minerals, the line includes supplements formulated with specific health concerns in mind, including inflammation, adrenal support, thyroid support, bone and joint health, and cognitive support.

The supplements are available over-the-counter, but NewSpring looks forward to partnering with healthcare providers to discuss the most appropriate supplements to support their patients’ specific needs. “Ideally, customers should consult with their healthcare provider or pharmacist to determine the best supplements for them,” Dr. Nyabero says.

The new line of naturaceuticals complements the pharmacy’s commitment to providing customized wellness solutions.

While NewSpring is a full service pharmacy that fills all types of prescriptions, it specializes in compounding, giving customers the added opportunity to have their medicine customized, in consultation with their healthcare provider.

“We are unique in our diversity, beautiful in our differences, and each of us has unique health concerns,” Dr. Nyabero says. One size cannot always fit all when it comes to medication.”

Compounding provides a solution to individual needs. For instance, a customer who has to take pain medication for an extended period may have concerns regarding stomach irritation, and may benefit from a topical application, customized with the active ingredients of their prescription. People taking several medications, may have two or more medications combined into a single dose of a specially prepared compound so that they don’t have to carry and swallow so many pills.

And now, with the new line of nutraceutical supplements in stock, NewSpring is offering a well-rounded approach to wellness that incorporates individually customized medication and quality nutritional support through supplementation.

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